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Hidayah Neurodiversity is passionate about neuroaffirming support for neurodivergent people: adults, children and their supporters. We offer a variety of evidence based services, scroll down to find out more.

How we can support you


You may have recently received your diagnosis, or have known for a long time. Either way you could benefit from our adult services which include:


  • Psychotherapy to support you post diagnosis

  • Sessions to strengthen independent living skills

  • Executive function coaching

  • Couple sessions

  • Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression and/or trauma


We can offer services for children aged 4-18 years old. For most children their supporters can be involved and supported to develop their own supporter skills.

Services we offer for children include:

  • Social communication, emotional regulation, transactional support (SCERTS)

  • Intensive Interaction

  • Sessions understanding their diagnosis 

  • Tailored interventions for non-speaking and pre-verbal young people

Parents and families

Children do not exist in isolation. The system around them needs to be robust and resilient. Our services for parents and families can support you:

  • Supporting children and parents to effectively communicate

  • Utilising play to connect with your child and their world

  • How to support your child and their anxiety

  • How to work together as parents

  • Managing meltdowns safely and effectively

  • Developing a plan around understanding and managing triggers

Education and work settings

Our education and work services can support an individual and their setting. This can be in the form of individual sessions, liaison or training for professionals.

  • Assessment, formulation and delivery of intervention packages

  • How to regulate emotions and manage change

  • Understanding how we communicate and relate to others

  • Getting to know your learning style and what works for you

  • Post diagnostic support

About Us

Hidayah Neurodiversity was founded by Michael and Jodie Wozencroft-Reay, a married neurodivergent couple, who are passionate about neuroaffirming support. Click the button below to learn more.

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