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Education and work

Individual sessions

...for pupils can offer post diagnostic support, learning support and skill development

Staff support

...can support your team with a specific person, or offer general training on neurodiversity

Regulation and change

...learning strategies to manage change and dysregulation

Professional reports

...can support applications or referrals for a child's education support

Managing demands

...developing executive functioning skills can help in both education and the work place


Reach out to us if we haven't listed something you need support with, we may be able to help

Our education and work services can support an individual and their setting. This can be in the form of individual sessions, liaison or training for professionals.

  • Assessment, formulation and delivery of intervention packages

  • How to regulate emotions and manage change

  • Understanding how we communicate and relate to others

  • Getting to know your learning style and what works for you

  • Post diagnostic support

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