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Adult Services


...can support your mental health

Couples support

...can support you as a couple where one or both of you are Neurodivergent

Independent living skills

...can help you learn to use public transport, access local services and learn new daily living skills

Post diagnostic support

...can support your sense of self

Executive functioning

...can support with strategies to cope with memory, organisation, emotional regulation and much more


Reach out to us if we haven't listed something you need support with, we may be able to help

Hidayah Neurodiversity can support Neurodivergent adults in a variety of ways.

You may have unresolved experiences you want to process and overcome where psychotherapy can help.

For others their diagnosis is something they still understanding and post diagnostic support can be a space where you learn about yourself as a Neurodivergent person.

A new diagnosis is often life changing not just for the person receiving it, but also their loved ones. Couples support can give you both space, and a way of communicating and negotiating a new "normal" which works for you both. 

Executive functioning skills often don't come naturally to us humans, but we all have innate skills which can help us cope with the things we find difficult.

As adults independent living skills are essential but many of us have barriers such as anxiety, not being sure how to do things or just a lack of opportunity. Independent living skills work can enable you to learn the things that may help you lead an independent and fulfilling adult life.

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